Crêpes with dulce de leche sauce and fruits

Dulce de leche is a popular confection in Latin America. It is made by slowly heating sugar and milk for several hours until getting a thick sauce which can be used as a spread on bread or cookies, or as a filling on many pastries. For this recipe we are using a dulce de leche from Argentina found at “El gaucho” a butchery and Latin America products’ store north of Toronto. Many large grocery stores in Canada carry dulce de leche spreads imported from different countries; find it in the ethnic or baking products aisle.

Cranberry-orange cheesecake

If you are hosting this Holiday season treat your guests to a delicious and decadent Cranberry-orange cheesecake. The orange juice in the filling and in the sauce gives it a sweet, balanced flavour. Surprise your guests with this cheesecake that also has one additional layer of cranberry-orange sauce in between layers of cheese filling.

Pineapple Tepache (Fermented drink)

Tepache is a delicious and refreshing Mexican drink made from pineapple peels, water, sugar and cinamon, taking advantage of parts of the fruit that usually are discarded. Tepache is also called “sweet pineapple beer” due to the brewing process; alcoholic degree may vary (0.5% – 2%) depening on the various factors like ingredients, fermentation time, room temperature, etc.