‘Balacao a la Vizcaina’ – Spanish Salted Cod

‘Balacao a la Vizcaina’ is a Spanish-style dish (from the Basque region) very common in Mexico and other Latin-American countries during Christmas, New Year’s Eve but also on Easter since the catholic tradition encourages people to eat more fish during Lent (Cuaresma).

Queso Fundido

‘Queso fundido’ is decent portion of cheese served little hot iron or clay container, hot steaming, and bubbling. Ready to be scooped out and laid carefully over a warm tortilla with your favorite toppings, guacamole, or pico de gallo.

Oaxaca-style tamales (tamales oaxaqueños)

In Mexico, birthdays, weddings, religious festivities, etc. are usually accompanied by great feasts. Oaxaca-style tamales, cooked in banana leaves, are one of those meals commonly prepared to celebrate those special ocassions. Treat your family with these tamales Oxaca-style made with pork loin in green sauce or shredded chicken in mole sauce. A piece of heaven on every bite.